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Conversion rate optimization is a very important factor when doing online businesses. The primary concern of any online business is to maximize the conversion rate. What is the conversion rate? It is the percentage of visitors who perform the preferred action when they visit your website. This ‘preferred action’ can vary according to the nature of the business. It can be a purchase of products or services; it can be an email subscribe button; it can be a software downloaded or a document downloaded. Essentially, it can be increased through the process of conversion rate optimization. There are various methods to increase the conversion rate of a particular website. Firms who involve in conversion optimization services use many tactics to improve this rate. However, all conversion optimisation services should focus on five main areas. They are graphics, development, Ergonomics, referencing and online marketing.


Graphic arrangements on your website dramatically affect the conversion rate. Use strong visuals without using more text and long paragraphs. Balance audio and visual content of the website. Also, keep a neat and clear outlook. Complex and excessive contents move visitors away from the website. Never use low quality and duplicate graphic contents. Always use creative and original graphics. Development

Features and facilities available on the website affect its conversion rate. Therefore, embed features like on-site search facilities (both simple and advanced), high resolution product images, easy navigation between product catalogues and order cart etc. Also, try to reduce the loading time of web pages.


The simplicity of your website is another vital feature for conversion rate optimization. Keep simple, clear, and easy to understand components like navigation, registration, inquiry forms, payment process, and product or service details.


Providing only the relevant information about your business is very important to attract the potential customers. If you provide incorrect information, people will get confused when they come to your site. This affects your conversion rate badly. Hence, you should index your website only in relevant categories. Therefore, make sure to use correct page titles and Meta descriptions. Also, rename your images with correct names. Use your primary keyword and other long tail keywords properly. Developing a mobile version of your website is another great way to increase your conversion rate because it allows mobile users to access your site without any issue.

Online marketing

You should win the trust of your prospective customers. Because of the increased number of internet frauds, people hesitate to deal online at once. Therefore, you need to provide your customers the full assurance about their safety. Incorporate any security certificate with your website if possible.

Make sure to carry out at least one promotional activity at a time. This will help you to attract customers towards your business because people like to receive extra benefits when they make purchases.

Including customer testimonials in your websites is another good way to increase the conversion rate. Most of the people ask opinions of others before purchase something. If you provide this facility on your website, people do not need to search somewhere else about your business.

Focusing on above areas will help you to increase the conversion rate of the website. Therefore, start your conversion rate optimization today with the help of a professional firm that provides quality conversion optimisation services.