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Apparently this page is important to someone.

It shows transparency in my actions.

So, be aware: Some if not all of the links in the posts and pages of this website are “affiliate links.”

This means that when you click on a link and make a purchase, odds are very good that I will receive an affiliate commission.

I am into affiliate marketing after all.

If you are not OK with that then don’t buy anything through any links on this website or from any emails you might receive from me.

However, I feel this should be made apparent to people who visit websites.

When you visit any website and click any link, you should know that whoever owns the website will likely profit from any purchase you make.

This is common practice among everyone looking to the web to make a living. Not just me.

This is also common practice among everyone who sends out emails to their list of subscribers.

You can believe that if they are telling you about an offer and you follow their link to that offer and you buy something. The sender of the email has likely just made a commission.

Unless they sent you to their own product then they made something better than commission.

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