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Directory submission, either to paid or free listings is a very common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique done by most webmasters today. A directory listing often contains a variety of categories and subcategories available for just about any type of websites to be listed.

Submitting your website to these directories will help it to gain additional backlinks and that will allow search engines to crawl your website faster. This in turns creates an opportunity for internet surfers to find your site.

Webmasters can perform manual directory submissions in many different ways. Free submission, paid submission, featured listings and reciprocal linking are some of the examples. No matter which kind of submission methods you use, keep the following advice in mind and you are safe to start submitting your site.

– Never submit more than once to a same directory and it is best to only submit the homepage address of your website. Mostly, the directory’s webmaster will delete your site from their listing if they find any multiple submissions.

– Only submit your website to the suitable and right directory that contains the most relevant category. There are so many directories out there but not all of them will have the particular categories related to your site. You should be the one to make a proper judgment before submitting. If you would just simply submit your link to some irrelevant directories, search engines might see that as misleading and that will not do your site any good.

– Websites that are being categorized in the right group will give internet users an easier surfing experience without any confusion in between. This would very likely increase the traffic to any submitted sites.

– If you want to specifically publish or submit your inner page, try posting them up on any popular social bookmarking website or social networking website instead to be more effective.

– Almost every existing directory will require you to agree on their terms and conditions during submission. Never fail to read all of them and whenever there is some point that you don’t seem to like or if your site does not meet their requirements, do skip the submission rather than wasting time on there.

There are also some directory submitter tools that can help you search for suitable listings on the web and make submission process much easier. It is easy for everyone to learn SEO techniques. By experimenting and applying all the tips and tricks that you have learned, you can be an expert too.