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Although there are numerous SEO tools available across the Internet, one should always start with those offered directly by Google for free when creating a website. When put to good use, Google tools are extremely powerful and highly effective in helping your web pages index well with the right keywords in search results. Best of all, all the tools can be managed within just a single Google account (or Gmail account) and you can add as many websites as you have into it.

Google Analytics

Let’s begin with the more popular Google Analytics, which is mostly used to track details of visits to a website. However there are more to look at than just page view counts and number of visitors in your Analytics account. You will be able to see exactly how visitors reached your site through their inserted search keywords or from other sites that have linked to you, and also the country location of the visitors to help in geo targeting.

These data are extremely helpful in determining what keywords your web pages rank well on search results and what the visitors are actually looking for during their searches that may have brought them to your site. With all these information, you can easily target the right keywords and significantly boost incoming traffic. There are still a ton of features you can find in your Google Analytics account, see it for yourself.

Google Webmaster Tools

Next up we have the Google Webmaster Tools. This is a must have for every new website. Many people thought that they will have to wait for the search engine to find their website in order to get indexed but that is actually not the case. All you have to do is to submit and verify your website URL with Google through your Webmaster Tools account and your web page will start to show up in the search results in a matter of hours. You can also tell Google how to index your site properly by submitting a list of your inner page URLs using a sitemap.xml file as so to prevent duplicated results.

On top of that, the Webmaster Tools will show a list of perhaps broken links within your site and also a list of internal and external pages linking to your site.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

You may have thought that AdWords is made for managing pay-per-click ads with Google but there is also a little tool that you can find in your AdWords account called the “Keyword Tool” that you can use to research trends and popularity of specific keywords from specific countries. This tool basically tells you how competitive a keyword is in the market, how much people are willing to bid for those particular keywords, how much searches that have been done with those keywords in the past which all determine how popular the phrase or word is so you can find out if it is worth your while to optimize your site for it.

So there you have it, three of the most powerful SEO tools by Google that you can’t afford to miss. Continue reading this Google SEO Tools article for more detailed explanation and resources to even more SEO tools you can find on the web.