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I’m your Google Reviews Restoration Specialist.


So you went online and did a search for your business and started reading your Google Maps reviews.

Wow! They are horrid.

They kind of make you, not want to shop with you guys.

I fully understand how difficult customers can be.

And! Let me assure you that your negative Google reviews are leading a percentage of your potentially new customers into your competitions arms every month.

Google has hooked all local businesses up so they can have a 0 to 5-star rating based on customer reviews.

This rating system also has some effect on your Google Maps placement.

But, there is a slight problem that comes with this free advertising that Google is handing out to all local business owners.

The problem is: Your customers are more likely to go online and post a review when they are very emotional (upset or overjoyed).

So, a lot of you local business owners are winding up with several bad reviews and only a couple good ones.

Which, may or may not be an accurate representation of your business.

Nonetheless, you are going to lose customers to negative Google ratings, unless, you get proactive about acquiring positive reviews for your business.

But, Guess what!


I Have Got The Silver Bullet That Can Put Down Your Bad Google Reputation


You can’t make those negative reviews go away, but, you can easily dilute them with 4 and 5-star reviews left by your happy customers.

Are you interested in Fixing your Less than Reputable online standing with my Emergency 30 Day Google Review Repair Service?

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As I was saying, the thing about receiving Google reviews, naturally, is that people leave reviews when they are pissed off, or, amazed with the service provided.

The third way to get positive reviews is to ask all of your customers go and leave you a good review on the big G every time they do business with you.

You likely already know how that pans out.


However, I’ve Got The Cure For The Google Reviews Blues


I’ve got the easiest system on the market for building trust in the eyes of your potential customers.

And, it grows your positive online reviews with nearly no effort each and every month should you be interested.

But today, my proposition to you is my special 30 Day Emergency Google Reviews Restoration Service for only $29.

I can get you all setup and ready to start recovering your online reputation, on the double!

I should mention, once the 30-day rehabilitation has run its course, you will almost certainly want to keep getting the positive ratings.

Who doesn’t want to look like a superstar where first impressions are crucial to the bottom line?


To continue growing your Google reputation, it is only $97 per month.


Inevitably, some of you will only be interested in a quick fix, and that’s OK, you can totally use the Emergency Google Reviews Rehabilitation Service for only 30 days!

It’s your reputation, and when you are ready to be more proactive, I’ll be nearby.

Pick up that phone and text me or leave me a voice message with the right time to call and I will get back with you.

Stop looking like a hack and Start looking like the most loved shop in town.

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Emergency 30 Day Google Review Repair Service

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