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Optimizing your website for local searches is essentially important when your business is targeting its market specifically in a predefined region. In this case, geo-targeting becomes a vital part of your SEO campaign as it is the most effective method to deliver targeted visitors from your intended geolocation to your website.

For instance, if your business is providing services primarily to the Australian market, then it is best that you register your domain with an .au extension so that search engines such as Google will instantly recognize your website as being related to the Australian region, thus a better chance to appear in the front row of the search results when local users search through Google Australia ( or with the added keyword ‘Australia’. You may need to consult an SEO company if you are not familiar with the techniques to optimize your website for local searches.

In addition, the location of your web hosting may also help in geo-targeting your website as search engines often determine the location relevance of your website based on its IP address. Besides that, you may also specify the geographic target location (country) of your website using the Google Webmaster Tools.

There are still quite a number of local search engine optimisation techniques that you can apply to your website to increase more targeted visitors. Including your local business address in your web pages and important keywords such as the town or city name into the title tags is a great method as search engines crawl through the contents of your pages, they will gradually recognize your website as being relevant to the particular location.

On the other hand, submitting your website and business contact details which includes your phone number, address, working hours and brief description about your business to local directories or listing services such as, for instance, Google Places (Google Maps), Yahoo Local or any other popular online directories will allow more local users to reach your website more quickly and easily.