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All the search engine optimization people do to their websites is all about internet marketing. Now, even social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter have become a big part of the internet marketing industry. And since they are free for all to use, it will be beneficial to create a fan page for your website or company.

Facebook in particular, can draw a lot of visitors to your website due to its virality in marketing. Creating a fan page is pretty easy and as usual in the subject of search engine optimization, keywords are where we should be concentrating in. So be sure to use the best title and URL for your fan page.

The keywords here should properly reflect your company name, services offer or products that you are selling. Same matter as to normal websites, these fan pages too will be ranked in Google search results. Therefore when people are searching for products or services using the particular keyword, the person will very likely get to your Facebook page as well as your company’s website.

The first place to mention your website address and the targeted keywords are on the ‘info’ and ‘about’ tabs. You should then make the status updates related to your keywords, products or services provided. Remember to be creative and not to use the same words repeatedly over and over again, or else it will looks spammy to your fans as well as to the search engines.

To get more fans, you might want to create a link from your website to the fan page and be consistent in updating the ‘wall’. After all it is a quick and easy place for you to get your news out there. You can also post something worth sharing so your fans might repost it to their friends.

A well maintained fan page will definitely give a boost in promoting your business because Facebook marketing is able to blend in well with other SEO and marketing campaigns. Some people wanted to make their sites fancier while others might have different aim for their fan page. If you have no idea on how to do it, get in touch with SEO companies or web marketing Toronto so they can help you realize it.