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1. Introduction

Link Exchange – this is one of the main methods of search engine promotion.

Constant disputes optimizers on how well the best way to share links, discover new aspects of each of the circuits of exchange.

The purpose of the master class – a more thorough review and identify the main characteristics of the link exchange schemes. This Master Class provides an opportunity to evaluate various types of circuits of exchange, identify the positive and negative sides.

The effectiveness of links exchange will be high only if the right approach to the exchange. There are several ways to exchange that overlap each other, but each of them has both advantages and some disadvantages.

Link exchange is so popular in the search progress, which is already there are special automatic systems, which allow you to quickly achieve the desired result, although there is a downside to this process.

Let us consider in more detail the main types of link exchange schemes.

2. Link exchange as a method of search engine promotion
One of the factors to achieve high positions in the issuance of Yandex is a high TCI. To raise the citation index of the resource, it is necessary that as much as possible sites of similar subjects referred to the resource. (For more about the rules of an exchange of links can be found in the master class, “Rules and Common Errors in link exchange” of 30.12.2005 was) for this organized network of link exchange. This method takes a lot of time and effort, but it is still one of the main methods of search engine promotion.

The main advantage of text links to, for example, banner is the possibility of their harmonious integration into the site content. In this block of text that contains links, does not stand out from the core content of the site and is perceived by the user, as part of the content.

Sometimes the exchange of text links there is opportunity for participants to exchange by the color calibration and reference format, which will stand on their sites. The presence of such features distinguish text link exchange network, banner exchange networks from the

Exchange of text blocks has the following advantages in terms of advertising:

if we consider the paid version of exchange, then – this is a relatively low price of the text links as compared to displays of banners;
small size of the text links allowing them to quickly loaded into the browser, thus reducing the loss of hits due to the fact that the visitor can not wait for the final load and move to another page;
possible harmoniously fit a block of text links in the site’s content without causing the user to feel that the page is overloaded with advertising;
visitors, browsers, which is off the schedule, you still will see a text link.
The effectiveness of links exchange will be high only if the right approach to the exchange. There are several ways to exchange that overlap each other, but each of them has both advantages and some disadvantages.

3. Types of link exchange schemes

Link exchange is so popular in the search progress, which is already there are special automatic systems, which allow you to quickly achieve the desired result, although there is a downside to this process.

3.1. The direct exchange of links

This is the traditional way of sharing links. A necessary condition for the direct exchange of links is carefully selected partner to share, because search engines are unfavorable to the non-thematic exchange, which may adversely affect the ranking of the reference resource.

Direct link exchange has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include:

Control over the place a link to the partner site. In contrast, for example, by exchange, organized by the circuit network, the direct exchange of links, both partners know where in the site will be used to link each of them;
possibility of organizing a direct exchange for advertising. In this sense, the direct exchange of links is not very different from commercial advertising;
the minimum possible nakrutok. As a rule, the direct link exchange cheat or impossible (just pointless), or very unlikely. This is a major advantage of the direct exchange before the exchange with the use of automatic exchange networks.
The disadvantages of direct communication links are:

complexity of searching for partners to reach agreements on the exchange;
low mobility management (need to coordinate their actions with each partner).

3.2. Link Exchange as a ring

The circular exchange is not less common way to link exchange than a straight line. In the circular system of exchange (vebringe) welcomes an unlimited number of participants, it was impossible to determine the relationship. The point is simple vebringa: Site A links to B, B – for C, C to A.

It is better to create your own self vebring, pick up the resources of similar subjects, but not competing directly, and to control everything manually. In some cases, fit and ready services – both paid and free.

Requirements for the ring exchange:

need only search the sites of similar topics. Each individual search engine, there are ways to determine the subject matter: for Yandex – the presence of a site in Yandex catalog for Google – the presence in the directory and Dmoz. etc. Therefore, the best way to find potential partners – a review of relevant sections of the above directories. For sites with narrower topics, you should use a keyword search, relevant topics in search engines.
on the page that contains links to participating sites in the ring exchange, should be a small total number of options – no more than 6 outbound links per page – as the EC, as well as PR, is divided equally among all, and the presence of a large number of links on the page will be adversely affected the weight of the site – “the recipient”.
fundamental rule – the number of participants vebringa must start from the four, and preferably five or more.
Responsiveness to the loss of one of the links in the ring is also a prerequisite. If one of the sites leaves the ring, or there are any technical problems, the ring should be close up without the involvement of this site. In particular there is a variant of the site-caps, which will take on the role of managers has fallen. The effectiveness of the exchange can increase the participation of multiple sites in chains of exchange, of course, provided that the links will be put on different pages.

3.3. Less popular exchange scheme

Gaining momentum in popularity, and other methods of link exchange.

There is, for example, more complex scheme vebringa – the so-called “pyramid”, which is based on similarity to all known financial bubbles. To do this, each new party is to find some more of the participating sites, which would link accents on the existing players as “seniority”.

4. Comparative characteristics of a link exchange schemes

Many marketers believe that the future belongs to the ring exchange. Although there are a good half of those who simply believe that the best way – straight themed exchange. Some even believe that the exchange does not make sense, you can get a constant update of content and backlinks will certainly appear.

In recent years a marked tendency to move forward in exchange for other ways of sharing. Initially, due to the fact that participating in an exchange resource owners, were unfairly treated in compliance with the rules of search engines and rules of exchange. As a result of exchange links turned into a surplus in the pages of reference garbage dumps, and futile search spam. The consequence of this was a natural response to the search engines: they promptly began to develop algorithms for the filtering of such rigid links. The first “customers” of these algorithms have become the most popular of the automatic link exchange. Following were introduced algorithms that filter the number of outbound links from the page, and then progress developments resulted in filtrovki backlinks. The reason for the motion search engines in this direction is the desire to give more weight to sites on which other sites link to them without a reciprocal link.

At the moment, the huge popularity of selling / buying links from the main pages of thematically-similar resources.

The advantages of having links with the home page

unidirectional links;
home page usually has the greatest weight;
usually the number of outbound external links on the home page a little.
There are also sites with thematic pages with great PR, on which the fee can place links.

5. Conclusion

The effectiveness of each method depends on an exchange of links on the careful selection of sites, availability of continuous monitoring of the situation with the presence of backlinks. This requires considerable labor, but if you follow the basic rules of the exchange of technology and know-specific exchange scheme, the result is definitely worth the effort.

Competition in the network gives rise to violations of the rules of exchange, which will necessarily make the search engines to control the situation and respond quickly to keep relevance issue.

Each of the above schemes link exchange has both positive and negative sides. The unequivocal answer, what is the scheme is most effective yet. Over time, some schemes are becoming less relevant, others are more significant. Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms, which stimulates the optimizer to create new ways of promotion.