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The Top 50 Most Socially Shared Twitter Marketing Articles for the Past 6 Months is a post by SEO expert Melissa McGibbon. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.

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Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. With so many people claiming to be experts on the subject it can be hard to decipher who really knows what they are talking about. How do you know who the real players are and what advice to follow for your company’s Twitter marketing campaign? Easy answer: we’ll tell you. We were curious as to which articles about Twitter marketing have been shared the most during the past six months so we did some digging. We used our advanced pro tool, Social Footprint, to gather data and determine whose articles are the most popular.

Below is a list of the top 50 most socially shared Twitter marketing articles. We scoured the Internet and looked at more than a thousand articles to collect this list. Common themes are numbered lists, zinger wording in the headlines, and appropriately structured URLs.
Take a look at who showed up on the list more than once and what sites are generating the most buzz.

20 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros by Cindy King for – Total Shares: 17,473
75 Powerful Ways to Get More Twitter Followers by Garin Kilpatrick for – Total Shares: 10,218
Twitter Marketing Tips: 7 Ways You’re Wasting Time by Michael Grubbs for – Total Shares: 5,590
Our 33 Best Tips to Improve Your Marketing by Kevan Lee for – Total Shares: 4,282
7 Tips for Getting Started With Twitter Marketing by Ishitia Ganguly for – Total Shares: 4,278
Get More Followers And Increase Engagement With These 7 Counterintuitive Twitter Tips by Roy Povarchik for – Total Shares: 4,083
20 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter by Larry Kim for – Total Shares: 3,767
How to Create Shareworthy Twitter Images: 10 Ways to Maximize Engagement on Your Tweets by Kevan Lee for – Total Shares: 3,211
6 Tips On Social Media Marketing For Small Business by Kristina Cisnero for Hootsuite – Total Shares: 2,909
Best Facebook and Twitter Tips for SMO & SMM in 2015 by Gulshan Sirohi for – Total Shares: 2,606
This Content Marketing Tip Is Worth Gold by Jeff Bullas for – Total Shares: 2,413
8 Hidden Facebook and Twitter Tricks You Never Knew (or Forgot Long Ago) by Sarah Matista for – Total Shares: 2,002
18 Must-Have Social Media Tips For Business by Kristina Cisnero for – Total Shares: 1,865
10 Twitter Tips For Creating Better Social Media Content by Peg Fitzpatrick for – Total Shares: 1,733
60 Powerful Tips To Master The 5 Big Social Media Platforms by Reginald Chan for – Total Shares: 1,545
How To Use Twitter To Build Your Business by Vahagn Aris for – Total Shares: 1,385
How to Use Twitter Marketing For Your Small Business – 10 Tips to Creating Better Tweets by Scott McClure for – Total Shares: 1,132
13 Twitter Experts’ Advice for Your Small Business by Mickie Kennedy for – Total Shares: 1,033
20 Twitter Business Tips For Successful Social Marketing by Stuart J. Davidson for – Total Shares: 1,030
Twitter Launches Small Business Planner Mobile App by Martin Beck for – Total Shares: 909
5 Advanced Twitter Search Tips To Increase Customer Engagement For Your Business by Andrea Johb for – Total Shares: 897
SHHH! 12 Twitter Marketing Secrets For Ambitious Social Media Marketers by Andy Vale for – Total Shares: 868
4 Visual Marketing Ideas To Boost Twitter Engagement by Rebekah Radice for – Total Shares: 733
Twitter Tips to Turn into a Twitter Pro by Ghergich for – Total Shares: 712
4 Easy-As-HELL Twitter Marketing Tactics for Advanced Users by Aaron Lee for – Total Shares: 642
The Small Business Twitter List by Tiffany Monhollon for – Total Shares: 641
64 Quick and Simple Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners by Mark Ford for – Total Shares: 611
41 Social Media Marketing Tips For Every Small Business Owner by Marya Jan for – Total Shares: 604
5 Tips to Get Active on Twitter and Reach Your Brand’s Audience by Deborah Mitchell for – Total Shares: 588
7 Tips To Turn You Into A Twitter Pro by Irfan Ahmad for – Total Shares: 536
Three Tips for Improving Twitter Ad Campaigns by Eric Wittlake for – Total Shares: 517
Twitter Turn Up: 5 Easy Tips for Entrepreneurs to Upgrade Your Presence by Teri Harrison for – Total Shares: 481
10 Things Katy Perry Can Teach You About Social Media by Brittney Helmrich for Business Daily News – Total Shares: 460
Zoom Your Personal and Business Brand on Twitter with These 8 Tips by Pam Moore for – Total Shares: 403
Twitter Reveals 10 Tips for Attracting Followers by Michael Rovner for – Total Shares: 386
2015 Tips for the Social Marketer Cheat Sheet: Twitter by – Total Shares: 384
Five Tips for Using Twitter to Improve B-to-B Sales by Christine Birkner for – Total Shares: 368
11 Secret Twitter Tricks (that you probably don’t know) by Vee Popat for – Total Shares: 347
7 Awesome Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Mohammad Shadab for – Total Shares: 333
Twitter Marketing Tips: 7 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time by Nicole Brown for – Total Shares: 301
How to Get More Clients with Twitter Ads by Dan Virgillito for – Total Shares: 298
30 Things You Must Do On Twitter For Outrageous Success In 2015 by Marya Jan for – Total Shares: 295
Top 10 Tips For Creating A Perfect Twitter Profile by Germany Kent for – Total Shares: 289
Twitter Tips For Today’s Authors by Frances Caballo for – Total Shares: 282
Enhance Your Business Marketing with Twitter Trends by Susan Gilbert for – Total Shares: 269
4 Time-Saving Tricks for Facebook and Twitter by Tony Howell for – Total Shares: 247
How to be Twitterific – 39 Expert Twitter Guides and Tips for – Total Shares: 216
Advertising on Twitter: 5 Tips for Better Keyword Targeting by Brittney Helmrich for Business News Daily – Total Shares: 202
3 Big Impact Advanced Twitter Tips that Take Seconds to Implement by Bill Flitter for – Total Shares: 174
How To Host a Twitter Chat like a Pro | To-do’s Before, During and After a Chat by Ruby Rusine for – Total Shares: 162

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The Top 50 Most Socially Shared Twitter Marketing Articles for the Past 6 Months is a post by SEO expert Melissa McGibbon. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.