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Keeping up with the latest trends of the internet is important to make sure your website stays on par with the others. Let’s take a look at three of the most influential marketing techniques used this year.

1. Social Media and Social Networking
Social networks are perhaps the fastest growing trend over these recent years with numbers of users still counting as we speak. It was only a few months ago that social network giant, Facebook had already reached a number of 500 million active users, whilst Twitter received over 190 million visitors in a single month with 65 million Tweets generated each day. This simply means that the potential of the market is huge.

Many companies, big or small, have created their own Facebook Page and Twitter account to promote their business and as a medium to interact with their existing and prospective clients. Users who have joined their network will receive the latest updates and events from the company in real-time and then users may republish the news in their own pages to let even more people know, that is the power of social networking.

2. Viral Video Marketing
Viral marketing greatly utilizes the power of social networking to generate buzz and increasing brand awareness among people. Similar to TV ads, promotional videos are produced and being hosted in large user base video sharing websites such as YouTube and users who like a video will then pass it around among their friends.

The process replicates itself. It’s contagious and spreads like a virus, thus the term “viral marketing”. Some other materials being used in this marketing technique are images, articles, flash games, software and phrases.

3. Mobile Apps
Thousands of mobile apps are produced every month and being downloaded more than millions of times a week. Rapid production of new Android mobiles and the ever increasing number of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users all around the world proved that the market potential is steadily growing.

More people are using their mobiles to browse the internet today and these apps can easily help generate more business and traffic to your website.

A lot of internet marketing companies today are starting to provide marketing services like the ones I’ve mentioned above in addition to search engine marketing and search engine optimization because a combination of all these online marketing strategies can effectively boost the sales and maximize the ROI (return on investment) of your business.