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Web directories have been around for quite some time now. The extensive list of resources and ease of use of these directories made them a popular and convenient tool that many people used to search for information they are looking for back in the early days of the internet. This UK web directory list for example, provides a list of local directories in the UK for webmasters to submit to.

However with the emerging dominance of search engines, the role of these web directories has changed dramatically. Since most of the internet users now prefer to do their web searches via search engines, online directories may not be able to deliver as much traffic to websites like they had before. Instead, a directory listing can help webmasters in other ways.

Listing your website in a well established directory helps improve its credibility and that may also help to improve the position of your web pages in the search results. A high quality web directory generally has a great amount of backlinks from other quality websites and is crawled regularly by search engines, which means it should have a relatively high page ranking indicating that it is a highly trusted website. What’s more important is that the directory itself should be maintained and reviewed by human administrators rather than automated systems to ensure that the listings are consisting of good quality websites, not malicious or spammy ones.

So when you are submitting to a web directory, be sure to check on its listing and categories first. For instance, if you have a business website, it is best to submit to a business listings directory. The websites listed in the directory shall be the ones that are well developed and relevant to their categories. The directory itself should be well indexed and cached by search engines.

If you are targeting on local audience, it is important to list your website in a local web directory so people from your intended location can easily find you when they narrow down their searches. A web directory list may help you find some great local web directories to submit to, and this about UK web directory list page explains more regarding on the importance of niche directories. Niche directories are often more specific in categories, so they should be able to deliver more targeted traffics to your website.