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Submitting your website to quality web directories is perhaps one of the many simple SEO methods that you can use to get your site known and obtain a better ranking in search engines results. However there are few things that webmasters must be aware of when using this method since there are approximately thousands of web directories on the internet these days, you just can’t guarantee every one of them is as good as you expect.

Having said that, it is definitely not a good idea to just simply submit your website to every web directory you’ve come across with, or else you might realize that you are doing more harm than good.

The most important rule that you must keep in mind is to only submit to directories that are of the relevant category to your site. If the directory has many different specific categories, make sure you really pick one that is suitable to what your website is about.

A human-edited web directory is always better than an automated one, whether if it’s a paid or free service. Web directories that require quality reviewing and approval by real human administrators make sure that only websites with good quality contents are qualified to be listed and the bad ones are filtered out. It’s always a good idea to contact the directory administrator prior to your submission to find out how they actually operate their listings.

When you stumble into a new web directory, be sure to take a few minutes to browse into the pages and check if the links are managed properly, and to go further to the listed websites to see if there are any spam sites. Lastly, you should be able to determine the quality of a web directory based on its Google PageRank (0 to 10), it doesn’t necessarily need to be high, but a higher value of pagerank simply means that it is more established and credible.